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EF $
EF$ – Earn money and other benefits as an active user. ElectedFace, unlike other social media platforms, pays Users for their voice, content and time.
EF Chat
Communicate using instant messages with EF Chat. Access EF Chat Sessions from a computer, tablet, or smartphone.
Use the EF Interactive Map to find highlighted local businesses, schools, restaurants, plus detailed census demographic information of chosen areas and view all the elected officials for that area. Ensure your business can be found by people in your local area by connecting your EF page to the map.
Organize, view, and attend events using the EF Events System. Keep an up-to-date schedule using the EF Calendar Facility that is integrated into the Events System.
Government Officials
Communicate directly with Government/non Government officials at various levels of Government, including officials at the town, city, county, state and federal level, using the Government Official Search Facility, EF Brainstorm, EF Chat & EF Mail.
Enjoy reading your local and national newspapers, from the comfort of your page.
ElectedFace is the internet of things to connect you to the world around you. Access multiple social media feeds in one place. ElectedFace provides Users with the facility to aggregate other social media accounts into their ElectedFace account.
With your own EF Video channel, you can share videos you´ve made, upload content from other sites and allow your followers to watch your playlists.
View the latest crime alerts for your area at the touch of a button.
Polls & Opinions
Every user is able to conduct surveys to gather user consumer data on any topic, with the advantage of gaining feedback on specific issues. Elected Officials can conduct Political Polls to understand constituents/user's views and opinions on any political matter. Business can conduct surveys on products and services.
Our petitions make ElectedFace stand out from the crowd! With the ability to create a petition which can be signed directly from the post feed, plus a dedicated page to view all petitions, users have the ability to effect change on issues which hold great importance.
ElectedFace enables you to conduct, simple, informed and constructive debates, with easy creation and interaction. Debates appear not only in our dedicated debates page which allows users to view and participate in a range of different debates covering many different categories, but debates also appear as post feeds, in turn creating a very wide audience.
Share your photo moments with Friends, Family and Colleagues. You can organize your photos into albums, edit settings on your photos to decide how they are viewed. Business, Public Figures and Elected Officials can also select which photos are shown on your voice page.
Elected Officials with a large following can generate a significant revenue based on the activity between you and your followers, this can be redeemed in the form of charitable donations (501C3), political action committee contributions or cash (where appropriate depending on state law). Be directly connected to all of your constituents and run Polls and Opinions to understand their voice . Start or join debates on subjects which interest you. Publicize Events and remain “up to the minute” with everything happening in your area.
Celebrities, Public Figures and Artists have completely changed how they interact with fans by using social media. One of the biggest ways to use social media to build your brand/identity is by connecting to your fans. Using ElectedFace our cultural figures will be able to utilize all our functionality to “be heard” by their fans but also get involved and show support on a higher level for things which matter to them. Earn a significant revenue for interaction with your followers which will be returned direct to the artist.
Faith Groups
Faith Groups can earn a significant revenue based on activity between you and your followers which can be redeemed in the form of payments to your registered charity (501C3). Increase and address your congregations, Share scriptures, Receive charitable donations. Use your pages and calendars to communicate events and activities. Raise funds for humanitarian needs and hold religious teaching groups.
Coming Soon
Everything you use social media for.....rolled in to one site. Earn a significant revenue based on the number of followers signed up to your page to be redeemed as personal income. Have your news feeds from other sites, in your post feed. Connect with your Elected Official to engage in matters which could benefit you. Stay in contact with friends & family by sharing videos, photo's, with EF Chat and though video calls on Brainstorm. Use our Mapping System to see what´s around in your local area.....the list is endless.
Schools, colleges & universities can generate a significant revenue based on your connection with Faculty, Students, Alumni and Parents. This revenue can be redeemed against endowments or student fees. Use Polls, Opinions, Debates and Brainstorm. Share documents for the completion of projects. Publicize events. The School, College or University will also appear on our Mapping System, under a search for schools & Universities.
Companies of all sizes, publicly traded and non publicly traded can have a web presence to openly interact with their customers. You can generate a significant revenue based on your connection with staff, partners and customers which can be redeemed against an Employee Bonus Pool, Charitable Foundation (501C3) or Political Action Committee. Be visible on our interactive mapping system, meaning greater exposure. Special offers and incentives, Videos and pictures can be uploaded to your page to allow customers to gain a feel for the Company.
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